Spaghetti Bolognese

My Spaghetti Bolognese is one of those keep it simple, but perfected recipe in this household. These days I tried to reattempt my old recipes to perfect them. I have made this for more than 5 times now. Knowing that I am re-cooking this almost every week made it simple as I can plan ahead […]

Homemade Crunchy Granola

I am an oat person when it comes to breakfast on the go. My weekday mornings, like most others, are always on the rush. And no I don’t like skipping breakfast because drinking coffee on empty stomach is a big no-no. Which is why I love to have something quick,and filling before I rush out […]

Swedish Meatballs

Hello everyone! I know I’m late, but nevertheless I would still want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I hope you have had a pleasant time be it spending with family and friends, shopping, having a fabulous holidays somewhere, etc. I have had some time off from work, and when I […]

Breakfast at Mrs S (Maylands)

Took a train ride down to Maylands on a weekend morning. Finally had a chance to try Mrs S – a breakfast place that is well known in the cool vintage strip on Whatley Crescent.  There was a waiting list and we had to put down our names. While we were waiting we walked around […]

Cinnamon Candied Nuts (Almonds & Pecans) #foodiesecretsanta

This year I decided to try participating in Foodie Secret Santa giftaway to fellow bloggers. This was a great idea and an event hosted by super talented Claire from Claire K Creations. I have been following her blog for years and always admire her style of writing, her recipes and everything about her, really. It was […]

An Almost Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

At times when I watched American food series i.e. Man v. Food, I get these insane cravings of cheesy sauce-dripping sandwiches for days. I hate the fact that sandwiches in Australia are mostly dry, especially if you get them from deli or cafe counters. I did my own research on how to make a Cheese […]

Margaret River Day 2

In continuation of the previous post… The next morning, we went to the local Margaret River Farmer’s market. Staying at Quality Inn which is at WalCliffe Road was super convenient, as we were only 5 minutes away (driving) from the market. We were really lucky to have stayed over the weekend as the market is […]