Ricotta Orecchiette Pugliesi

A while ago Barilla Australia contacted me and kindly sent me some of the products to try on – including a bottle of Barilla Ricotta sauce. This sauce essentially is a tomato based sauce laced with Ricotta cheese in it. Barilla has also included a couple of recipes book and not knowing much about Ricotta […]

Frozen Banana Muffins

Have you ever, ever (like me….) buy a lot of bananas, never manage to finish it, and then tucked it away in the freezer till you completely forgotten about it? I was spring cleaning my freezer and found this bag of weird cold brown stuff only to realized that I have frozen bananas tucked away […]

Tom Yum Fried Vermicelli (Mee Hoon)

Sorry I have been missing in action for so long!! I have been sick end of August and then last week the flu bug hit me again. I can’t believe September is flying past so fast, and winter is gone. One of those month where I just do not know where most of the time had […]

Menulog Food Delivery – A Review

It’s only the start of the week and work has consumed me. It’s just one of those days where I feel lack of energy and not in the right mindset to be cooking in the kitchen. But good thing there is such thing called food delivery service these days. I have been invited recently to try […]

Simple Rustic Irish Soda Bread

Sorry it has taken me so long to find time to blog about this Irish Soda Bread recipe. I apologize for that big gap since the mention of the Soda Bread in my last post of Irish Stew. I love the easiness and how quick you can whip up a bread just by 15 minutes […]

Irish Stew

With the winter slowly slipping away, I seized the opportunity to make soupy meals as much as I could. This Irish Stew recipe has been on my to do list for the longest time I know. I actually thought I cooked it before for some reason, but yep, I fooled myself and got it confused […]

Osso Buco

There was this episode on Masterchef Australia 2014 where the contestants had to guess the name of a classic dish when the cloche is lifted. Osso Buco was one of the array of classic dishes in that episode and it caught my eye and attention. Anyway, one day I was walking along this row of […]