Creme Fraiche Chicken with Potato & Courgette Fritters

One of those days I decided to follow recipe book, and spend a little more on grocery to improve my cooking.
I was lucky to be able to find Crème fraîche at the supermarket, and Bulla seems to be the only brand that produces this lovely cream. I bought a bunch of fresh parsley and was cursing to myself why do I have to use it… it’s one of the very pungent greens that I hate and spit it out when I accidentally eat it. The alternative was to use fresh oregano but I couldn’t find it so I had no choice.

For the fritters, I had some leftover (again) zucchini, and potatoes. I made 8 fritters using 3/4 zucchini and 2 large potatoes. I grated them finely and soaked off the moist with kitchen towel, sprinkle some salf and pepper into and stir them well. Then I beat an egg (whole) and put in two spoonfuls of plain flour and stir into the mixture. Heat up a pan with oil and scoop them carefully into a pancake shape and fry them bothside till cooked and crispy.

I modified the original recipe for the creme fraiche chicken by dicing some onions (I used red since I didn’t have white) and garlic. The chicken will have to be cubed and marinate with some sea salt. The parsley will have to be nicely chopped up and I use just a handful of them – knowing that I might detest the smell if it’s overly strong.
Heat up a pan with some olive oil and stir fry the onions and garlic. Remove them aside. Add some more olive oil and toss the chickens and stir fry them well. When they are nicely browned, put the onions and garlic back in and also the parsley. Now, get ready the heroine - Crème fraîche, scoop two spoonfuls into the pan, allow it to melt and bubble in the pan. Stir well with the chicken and ingredients and serve them hot with the fritters and some salad if preferred.

The creme is really yummy and reminds me of the creaminess of carbonara, though it’s more on the rich and salty end. I think it will go well with penne pasta and lots and lots of mushrooms :)


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