Ipoh Hor Fun

I remembered that I stole couple of shrimps from in-law place. They always shop fresh goodies from market and always kind enough to spare us fresh seafood if there was any. Hubby isn’t a seafood lover unfortunately so I had to cook something that wouldn’t make the prawn the ‘main’ of the dish, and also creatively combined with his favourite – chicken meat.
It’s really easy to cook Ipoh Hor Fun – unless you really want to achieve the broth like the hawker one then perhaps you have to put more ingredients, otherwise chicken carcass, some chicken granules, lotsa garlic would do for the soup base. Also, not forgetting to stir fry the prawns, de-shelled them, and stir the shells in chilli oil to have that layer of red oil. So, cook some chicken breast and shred them up, chop some garlic chives, cook the horfun in separate boiling water until al-dente, place a couple of prawns, scoop two spoonfuls of prawn chilli oil and serve everything in a bowl. Top it up with some fried shallots and voila!

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