Pineapple Tarts/Cookies

Since everything is bloody expensive here, I have to start learning making my own stuffs – including baking! I’m not very interested in baking but cooking yes… =).
So anyway, I had this urge of baking pineapple tarts; given more valid reason now that I had to bake for my hubby (actually I just want to do some experiment and see if I’m up for the challenge). On a Friday when Subiaco market was opened, I proudly lugged 2 pineapples (and a bag of vegetables) back home. After I cut up the pineapple flesh and remove all the husks, I realised that they were too small of a size to make into a few containers. So I bought an extra 3 more pineapples and they turn out to be nicer this round – because hubby decided to help to grate it instead of blending it (with blending, you’ll lose the fiberous/strands texture when you eat the jam). We cooked the jam (you gotta alternate between 2 persons because it’s freaking tiring to be stirring it throughout for a good 2-3 hours) with lotsa sugar and 1 cinnamon stick, rolled the jam into small little balls and fridged it overnight.
Anyway there was a lot of recipes available online, so I narrowed down to two of the recipes which I think would work. The first recipe (no link supplied as I didn’t want to ruin another blogger’s reputation) didn’t work for the dough at all. They were too crumbly and it fell everywhere when I tried to work on it, or shape it. Silly me, I tried to even bake it and they all came out too dry… so in the end, all of them were tossed into the bin. So I thought to myself to use the alternate recipe the next day (
Gosh, it worked beautifully, albeit the pastry was a little too oily (weather was freaking hot and my hands is always clammy), they were good enough to be cut with the cookie cutter (thanks to my mom-in-law).
The tarts extremely pretty when you have a nice little round of jam on top of them. I did not brush them with egg yolk because I realise the oven sort of burn the edges when I baked them in the first round. I decided not to ruin my hard work.
Ta daa! Here’s the end product. I was very happy since this is my first time baking cookies and they looked good (and taste good) enough to be presented to other people. I brought a container to work and it finished faster than I thought it would be.

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