Thermomix TM31

Every since I moved here, I have been hearing this jargon (I like to pronounce it like ‘jagung’) word non-stop…Thermomix, Thermomix, Thermomix. What the hell is a Thermomix? Call me a suaku-lui (a non civilized human being or person who hasn’t seen the world) but it’s not that common to find it from where I came from. And so I’ve heard it from my colleague at work, from my hubby’s close friend, from my ex-colleague, yeda yeda. The initial perception I had was that it sounds like a mixer, a breadmaker, a cooker… I mean from the way the people who told me what they were using it to make, I was trying to conclude a single function to the “appliance”. So I look it up on the net and found out that it has 12 core functions that it can do, which means by breaking it down further we can have thousands of recipes possible with just this single appliance. Crazy!!! Well of course with the price tag of a hefty AUD2K, it’s even crazier!!!
I don’t know but the way I see it is that, so does it mean everrrryone can cook now like a pro with this? I mean, I didn’t want to offend the buyers or fans out there; but in my opinion, to learn to cook is an art of its own, knowing how to make things out from zero, ground level up, with your own hands and brains is what I probably would try to achieve before sealing my fate with a super technology like this and then end up doing the shortcut way. What if one day I lose my super technology, and then would that means I can no longer produce my super food? Perhaps I’m just making up excuses since I bloody cannot afford AUD2K for a TM31.
Well, whatever I say now also wouldn’t mean that I might just go ahead and get one (in the future, one fine day) and then fall really really in love with it. I was reading how a lady who sold 10K units (seems like in OZ, TM can only be bought from a direct sale consultant), she can’t bear to part with her demo unit hence that pushes her to go out there and sell as many units as she can. There’s always pros to having one which I believe; like how much time we can save (since time is so precious these days) and how we can eat healthier because we can buy less processed food and process everything from raw ingredients (bread would be a good example).
Seriously, I need to see one in action.
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  1. Prinjie Sutana

    I basically replaced almost all of my kitchen appliance when I bought the Thermomixbecause it can do so much. It also doesn’t take that much space so my kitchen looks neat and organized.

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