Bean Curd Skin Wrapped Chicken with Shitake Mushroom Infused sauce

I came across a recipe from my subscribed reading list and decided to give it a try.

I had extras chicken breast/thigh meat in my freezer and manage to track down bean curd sheet (Ego brand) from the local Asian grocery.

So good to eat with rice or eat it on it’s own – like dim sum :)

There’s quite a lot of prep work and it’s a work of art to flatten the chicken meat, make sure it’s wide enough to wrap the stuffings – which consists of enoki mushroom, scallion, carrots, shitake mushroom. Then lightly pan fry it (make sure you towel dry the bean curd sheet before putting it on oil – otherwise you end up with messy kitchen! The bean curd skin needs to be soaked to loosen it up before using it to wrap around the chicken).
Then steam it with mixture of sauce – I used oyster sauce with shao xing wine, corn flour, soya sauce, a drop of sesame oil and dash of pepper. I soaked extra shitake mushroom and add it on the side to enrich the flavour of the sauce.

Recipe adapted from Fong’s Kitchen Journal - Chicken Wrap


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