Chicken stuffed with Gruyere Cheese and Herb Filling

The other day I had some left over cheese in the fridge and it is not just any cheese. It was Gruyere! It wasn’t expensive (like 5 bucks maybe, got it from Coles) but it’s very tasty and creamy – my type of cheese.
So as usual, I was finding out what I could do with cheese then it struck me, I could do stuffing with it, ala chicken Kiev, Gordon Bleu style!
I used some leftover bread, toast 3 slices of white bread in the oven until they are well toasted and crispy and blend them with a bit of salt in hand blender. It turned out to be a beautiful cup of breadcrumbs to use to coat the chicken on the outside.
Next, I chopped 2 cloves of garlic to fine mince. Then I butterfly the chicken breast so it looks like a butterfly, ready for the stuffing to be placed in the middle. I layered the garlic, the cheese, and put a bit of coriander and basil dry herbs.
Next, I rolled the chicken into cylinder looking, and then secured it with a toothpick. Next, I get ready the flour mix (plain flour and a bit of baking powder and dash of pepper and salt) one a plate, and egg on another plate. First I dip the chicken onto the egg mix, then coat it well with the flour mix. Heat up enough for frying, lightly seared the chicken breast on the outside. When it’s browned, put them in the oven, for 180 C degrees for 30 mins for the chicken to cook through.
Serve the chicken with steam vegetables or salad as you like.
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