Plain Nasi Beriani/Biryani

Knowing how to cook Plain Nasi Beriani/Biryani is quite a big achievement for me, I must say. Though I know it’s not exactly the same without layering the meat in between (Indian Bombay style) this version is quite close to the Malay style that I adore. The meat curry and vegetables are usually served on the side which is different with Indian style Biryani.

The Nasi Biryani (Biryani Rice) recipe is adapted from Selera Malaysia (thanks for the recipe!). I have reduced the Basmati rice, water, shallots, garlic, and no screwpine leaves.

7 cups of Basmati Rice (Soak in a warm water for 1/2 an hour and drained)
1 tablespoon of ghee
1 can of evaporated milk
1 red onion**
5 cloves of shallot**
5 cloves of garlic**
2 inch of Ginger**
1 Cinnamon stick*
1 star anise*
5 Cloves (Bunga cengkih)*
4 Cardamoms*
2 Screwpine leaves (tie them into a knot)
A full hand of fried shallots
1/2 cup of raisins
Food coloring (Yellow)
1 cube of chicken stock
Salt to taste
8 cups of water

Heat up 1 tablespoon of ghee in a rice cooker. Then add all the spices(*) and ground mixture (**) and fry for a minute or until fragrant. Add a can of evaporated milk, chicken cube and water. Stir and bring the mixture to boil and add washed basmati rice together with screwpine leaves. Continue stirring occasionally. Finally, drizzle a few drop of yellow food coloring and spread raisins and dried shallots. Gently stir the rice to make them evenly mixed.

Just before serving, I topped my Nasi Beriani with Raisins to add that extra yummy bits to it. It just brings the flavour to a whole new level! I have made Mutton curry and also Sayur Masak Lemak to go with my Nasi Beriani. I should cook this again sometime soon!


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