Yakitori Chicken with Scallion

Yakitori or Japanese skewered chicken is absolute simple to make and can be served as appetizer, side dish or even main by itself. The 2 fresh ingredients are Chicken and Scallion and that’s it! How easy is that….
To make this, the chicken meat must be fresh (buy and cook on the same day) as you don’t need to leave it marinating the sauce overnight. I love chicken thighs as it is more juicy and retains better moisture when it’s grilled in the oven.
To make the sauce, I used 2 tbs of Mirin, 2 tbs of Soya Sauce, 2 tbs of sugar and combine them in a saucepan. Let it boil gentle over medium heat and let the sauce thicken slightly. Remove and cool at room temperature.
Soak the ending of the skewer in water for few minutes. Cut the Scallions into 2 cm wide. Thread the chicken thighs (cut them into squares) and separate each pieces with a spring onion in between. Bast the chicken with the sauce generously.

Preheat the oven in grill setting. Grill skewers, and take it out from time to time to bast it with sauce, for 10 minutes or until cooked through.

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