The Year in Review

Another year has gone by! I can’t recall exactly what was I doing last year at this time – perhaps Boxing Day shopping? Perhaps just another ordinary day returning home from work.
Such is life when we are busy doing things and never had time to keep track. I used to have a blog where I speak about my personal life but in the end I think I end up never talking about anything quite useful, except it has became my complaints ground.
So when I started my life here I decided I should still continue writing but maybe incorporate something rather helpful for myself (future reference) as well as others. I picked up an interest on cooking so it was easy to go back to my writing self – except now I have a topic to focus on.
I can’t help but to comment that I wonder if anyone out there subscribe or visit my my humble blog on a frequent basis. I do see a couple of readers dropped by and say hi but at times I feel like I’m not sure how else would I be able to improve. I would love to hear some feedback.
Counting today’s entry would be 38 blog entries (thank you Blog Archive for counting!). I should say not yet to what I set out to expect… so I will try harder next year!
The next few days would be quite a boredom so I have some long overdue entries to complete. May just round it up to 40 entries for Year 2012 :)
Signing off, yours truly,

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