The Trustees – Chateaubriand

Presenting to you…

…our rows (well, 3 serves) of the grand Chateaubriand!
There were 5 adults (in case you were wondering) who were sharing these beasts food – which means 1 guy went solo and man, he was defeated by it by the end of the meal.
Initially,we complained among ourselves how little the hand-cut wedges chips were (like 3?!) but when we saw the real meat we went quiet and felt thankful. Massively huge and good serving of meat to feed the beasts in us, seriously.
The best cut of beef fillet, truly melts in the mouth, soft in the middle yet well smoked and cooked on the outside. I must admit I have never been true steak lover because I get sickened after eating too much beef but this one is out of the world. It was so easy and yummy to eat I totally forget how many fillets I gorged down!
The bone marrow, topped with some blow-torched crunchy bits (a bit like panko/breadcrumbs texture). Each mouthful was rich and heaven-sent.
The sides of apples/vege salad, mushrooms bourguignon and the best creamy Bernaise god-sent sauce!

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