Garlic and Pine Nuts French Beans/Green Beans

Some days I find myself feeling the need to eat simple, no fuss cooking; little additives, little oil and salt; and the list goes on. I think everyone gets around feeling like that some times when you had too much good food and you just turn on the beggar mode the next day. I made a quick stir fry using french or green beans and two handful of pine nuts and I am happy this turned out to be a warm salad; that was great to just munch as it is in front of the TV.
The recipe is so simple that I don’t think I’m going to craft out like my usual writing format. Basically just a bag of fresh green beans with tips removed, chopped into halves so that they are almost a finger-long in size. Roast the pine nuts over hot pan for 2 minutes or so till they are slightly brown and set aside. Using the same pan, throw in a spoon of butter and some chopped garlic, and then saute the beans, adding a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss in the pine nuts at the very end. There you go, garlic and pine nuts coated french beans!



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