Arigataya Ramen

Chicken Karaage Ramen


Arigataya Ramen is one of the very famous ramen place in Perth, situated right smack bang in the Northbridge where all the famous Asian eateries are. I was looking forward to having a soothing bowl of noodle soup and haven’t been back there for a while now. I recalled I went back there about a year ago. I ordered a plain gyoza dumplings Ramen but added Chicken Karaage as toppings because that price was cheaper than ordering a Karaage Ramen itself.

When the order came, it looks good but when I bit into the noodles, the ramen did not have the bouncy texture anymore so that was a little disappointing. The chicken karaage was mediocre. The soup base was still good and very tasty so I slurped till the last drop.

The ramen place now have a TV that shows patron the entire ramen making process from making the noodles from scratch to broth preparation. It was a well documented short film that gave nice insight of ramen making process which does take many hours and effort. I will probably not go there for a while because there are tastier ramen place in town such as from my favourite Zensaki place at Barrack Street – though I am not sure if their Ramen is made from scratch.

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