Introducing Asian Food Fest

Asian Food Fest is a virtual community founded by WendyinKK that hosts virtual events for bloggers who love to cook and show off their culinary skills through theme-based cooking event. Bloggers can submit their recipes to the host of the virtual event through email, FB post and posting on their own blog. I recently found out about AFF through introduction by Zoe, creative blogger of Bake for Happy Kids and hope to be able to promote this community to other bloggers too.

Happy cooking everyone!

Official Webpage of Asian Food Fest

Official Facebook Page of Asian Food Fest

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  1. Zoe

    Hi LC,

    Wendy has been an extremely experienced food bloggers for many years. Throughout these years of blogging, we sort of know each other via commenting and friends of friends…

    Glad that you like AFF :D My friend, Lena is hosting Thai Food Fest with AFF for Nov 2013… I will be there to support her :D


    • LC

      Hi Zoe, cheers! I will make sure I stay tune! Love Thai food too :D

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