Merry Christmas 2013

Good morning folks! How was your Christmas Eve celebration? I hope you had a good time last night and waking up to another joyous day today. I had started my day with a big western style breakfast – as everything here is closed so no place to go for breakfast. I know, I know, for that I was spoilt in Malaysia; public holidays just means time to go out to shopping centre, restaurants etc. There are aplenty who work extra to get a bit more during public holidays but it is definitely different here, as spending time with family and friends comes first!

The breakfast is real simple but hearty – hash brown, bacon, sourdough bread, buttered mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

Christmas Breakfast

How was your Christmas morning folks? Be it nursing hangover, had a little too much to eat/drink or a quiet one, I wish you a happy safe Christmas holiday! Have a merry good Christmas everyone!


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