Easy Peasy Sugared Sweet Palmiers

Easy Palmiers with Sugar

I recently discovered a new love – Palmiers or Elephant Ears! Sorry but where I grew up from, I never really learn or constantly had fancy bakery goodies and I mostly eat just plain white bread and butter. Ever since moving to Australia I have lots more opportunities to learn about different type of pastries and get to savour them whenever I feel like I could spend (as you know how expensive it is to buy/eat out). I am still at a noob when it comes to remembering their names to be honest, let alone pronouncing it correctly.

Easy Palmiers with Sugar

So recently I had some leftover frozen pastry (don’t ask me how long have they been in the fridge), like two sheets of frozen puff pastry and I wasn’t sure what I can do with them. My other half asked me to just chuck them in the bin but they were still really fine (the edges weren’t dry as I had packed them nicely with huge resealable plastic bag). And so I googled what can I do with them and I came across this perfect video clip that shows easy step by step Palmier recipe. This lady saved me and my puff pastry, to be honest and I always imagine one day I could cook so well and demonstrate my skill. Anyway, going back to Palmier… there I was awed by the simplicity of making Palmier and tried it there and then. It was my very first time and it didn’t look perfect nor any close to stuffs in French Patisseries but I loved the taste. It brought back memories when I was a child – I had this love for giant love shape puff pastry coated in sugar from this old bakery shop and boy it was one of the luxury my parents would bought me whenever they could afford. I would nibble on it, put it away for as long as I could, then nibble again, going for days if I could! So now I know it’s not called “Japanese biscuit” (it was labelled as that back in that shop), it is called Palmier… for goodness sake!

I won’t post full length ingredients nor steps, as you can see it all in the video. The basic ingredients are puff pastry sheets and sugar of course! But you can opt to put other fillings instead of just sugar i.e. sweet jams, chocolate bits or savoury stuff like vegemite! Be as creative as you wish. In total with two puff pastry sheets I made about 25 mini palmiers and stored them in a airtight container. They were perfect for afternoon snacks especially with a cup of Earl Grey tea.
Easy Palmiers with Sugar

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  1. pc

    Your palmiers looks very delicious and looks nice when it take together with the white roses. Thanks for sharing, the steps to make the palmiers frm the youtube seems very easy ahh ;)

    • LC

      Hey PC, thanks for your sweet comments and hope you are doing well in general! stay in touch!

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