Menulog Food Delivery – A Review

It’s only the start of the week and work has consumed me. It’s just one of those days where I feel lack of energy and not in the right mindset to be cooking in the kitchen. But good thing there is such thing called food delivery service these days.

I have been invited recently to try Menulog which is a Take-away and Food Delivery Online service that I can rely on when I am feeling hungry and I need to be fed. If you haven’t heard before, Menulog is Australia’s NUMBER ONE online takeaway, food delivery or pickup website. You can find heaps of restaurants listed and search based on the area/postcode where you are at, which makes it really easy to find takeaway that can be delivered to you or pick up.

At a quick glance, the website is available on normal browser or you can also download app for iPhone and Android (Ding!Ding!Bonus point 1). The other features I really like about it is you can prescheduled order even before the opening hours of your preferred restaurant for up to a week (Ding!Ding! Bonus point 2). Also if you have placed an order before at a specific restaurant, you can simply click on Re-order to place a similar order again (Ding!Ding! Bonus point 3). I am impressed so far.  Let’s look at how the ordering process works, shall we?

How to: Order Food Delivery Online on Menulog

1)      The first step is to enter the suburb name or postcode on the main page, and click Let’s Go.


2)      This takes me to the next page where all the restaurants that offer delivery service to the suburb where I am located -

On this page, I can clearly see the opening times, the cuisine types, minimum order, any promotions and even ratings!


3)      I have been driving past this little place named Malwa Kitchen Indian Restaurant and really happy to find them at Menulog. Also it looks like they have 10% off first order or Free Pappadums special going on. So I decided to place an order with them.


4)      After I select the restaurant I wanted, it prompted me for the Delivery Time and Date for the arrival of takeaway. Then I select the items I wanted, click “Place My Order”. I can also change the time/date of my order if I want to.

5)      At the next page, I simply enter my delivery address, name, mobile number and select the Payment option (Visa/Mastercard/AEX/ by Visa/Cash option available) and click Checkout. Please not that if you have a voucher, you need to select “Credit Card” as payment option. On the next page, I entered my Credit card details and also the voucher code.

6)      When the order has been processed, I get a confirmation order number and also the time/date requested for the delivery. The next thing I know is that I received a confirmation via SMS through my mobile and copy of email confirmation in my mailbox.


Funny thing happened next, was that in the next 1 minute after I placed by order, my phone rang. It seems like these guys at the restaurant got my order mixed up and thought I wanted them right away, and I’ve been advised that it would take them approximately 30-45mins to get ready. I was like, “No… no, you’ve got it mixed up! I ordered it for XXX time, not right now.” The guy at the other end was really apologetic, so I confirmed with him on the time and address just to be safe.

So came dinnertime, the delivery were 5 minutes earlier! I received a call from a mobile number when the delivery man arrived. Kudos to being timely, better be early than sorry is my policy. The delivery guy greeted me and was very friendly. There were couple of other people passing by me and one of them commented, “Gosh I smell food and it smells delicious”. I thanked the delivery guy and lug the big bag of food back to my place. As I touched the containers, they were still hot and smell so good, I can’t wait to tuck in.

Malwa Kitchen Indian Restaurant Food Review

(Clockwise from middle top: Lamb Rogan Josh, Kashimiri Rice, Butter Chicken, Garlic Naan, Veg Samosa, Papadums, Butter Naan)

The takeaway portions were huge. When I opened the takeway, I was thinking to myself… man, this could feed me for days! The food was really fresh, colorful and looks appetizing.

I adored both the tender Lamb Rogan Josh and succulent Butter Chicken. The curry sauce for both of them were amazing, I literally licked my plate clean. The Naan was also good, especially the Garlic Naan – smell pungent but taste so good. I love the Naan bread for being thin and stretchy, almost roti-like texture, as I’m not a big fan of doughy Naan. The Vegetable Samosa has a crunchy outer skin and the potato and peas fillings were really tasty. The dipping sauce that came with it had an almost barbeque sauce taste, sweet and tangy which is really awesome too. The Kasmiri rice was delicious too, went really well with both the curries. Every mouthful of the rice was filled with raisins and cashew nuts. I must say, this is one of those meal that I really felt that a lot of love has gone into making them. I secretly swear to myself that I want to cook Indian food as good as these!

Overall, I really like Menulog because it provides a simple to search and use interface; the fact that you can search for takeaway in your neighbourhood based on area/postcode. Also, after you have placed your first order, Menulog creates an account based on your email and send you a password change email to change your password. This is really useful as you can log back on in future and review your order history and update your details. You can also click on “Re-Order” to place a similar order.

The only downfall experience I felt was that there was slight misunderstanding on the delivery timing, but I have to give them credit for calling to confirm my order prior. Also I realised there isn’t a way to “empty my order” (like “empty my cart” when you want to clear your shopping cart). It was just a little tricky because I wanted to start my order all over again without deleting the item one by one, and realized that it was cached, so I had to go to my browser and clear the cache. However, the caching feature can be a good thing especially if your browser crashed halfway through when you are still deciding what you want to order.

Disclaimer: All opinions and reviews are based on PS I Love to Cook own opinion. The author received a voucher from Menulog to spend at participating restaurant of her own choice in exchange for this review.

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