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Pork Omelette

I was sick for almost a week so my daily staple was plain porridge with minced pork. It isn’t the best food in the world

Chinese Style Mee Goreng

There are many variations to Mee Goreng (means Stir Fry Noodles) that can be found in many Asians restaurants and home cooks. My version

The Trustees – Chateaubriand

Presenting to you… …our rows (well, 3 serves) of the grand Chateaubriand! There were 5 adults (in case you were wondering) who were sharing

Spanish Seafood, Chicken and Chorizo Paella

Paella is deservedly one of Spain’s most famous dishes. I recently had a chance to practise making this dish again for a gathering at

Beef Bourguignon

Today I had some time to rest and relax so I did some reading and net surfing. I have always wanted to take proper

IS Donburi: The King of all Dons!

What a beautiful Mixed Donburi with Miso and Salad side Chicken Katsu, Basa Fish Fillet and Crumbed Panko Prawn Bountiful Fresh, Hot, Crunchy ingredients

Corn Soup with Egg Drop and Shredded Chicken

There are times I cook with ready made can food. Well if they are good, why not? Introducing my favourite and all time well-stocked