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Betty Crocker Madness!

Ok, first of all, I didn’t buy all these in one shot! I think I bought them all in three different receipts but today

Toasted Foccacia with Ham and Cheese

Perth City Farm Cafe I can still feel the lingering taste of the cheese, ham, tomatoes and spinach crunch in my mouth now that

Spaghi Creme Fraiche with Courgettes, Bacons and Mushroom

It’s funny how I keep on going back to reusing my leftover grocery like Crème fraiche. I am a thrifty and I can’t bear

Thermomix TM31

Every since I moved here, I have been hearing this jargon (I like to pronounce it like ‘jagung’) word non-stop…Thermomix, Thermomix, Thermomix. What the hell

Creme Fraiche Chicken with Potato & Courgette Fritters

One of those days I decided to follow recipe book, and spend a little more on grocery to improve my cooking. I was lucky

Lemon and Mint Basa Fillets

The other day we decided to shop at Coles instead of our usual Woolies outlet. Not for any particular reason but more for convenience.

Roast Chook

It is, one of the cheapest, easiest thing to cook. Not the easiest to clean up though. Imagine it’s almost like tossing everything you