Perth Eats Archive

Ikea Breakfast

Hot Breakfast at only $3.95! Soft scrambled egg, hotdog, bacon and my option of hashbrown instead of baked beans and tomato. Refillable cappucino at

Nyonya Kopitiam Langford: Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa & Lor Bak

Lor Bak Juicy minced meat Wrapped in crispy fried bean curd skin Palatable chilli sauce Refreshing cucumber slices Nasi Lemak Fragrant coconut milk rice

The Red Teapot: Seafood Tofu Claypot & Prosperous Fragrant Chicken

Seafood and Tofu Claypot Colorful mixture of array of vegetables Mushrooms, baby corns, cauliflower, spring onions Delightful prawns, bite-size fish fillets and squids Cooked

Subiaco Farmer’s Market: Moroccan Shashuka

Runny gooey poached eggs Cooked in Moroccan tomato sauce Hideous Chorizo amongst the dense sauce Mopped up with Crusty Baguette Mint sauce on the side

Snags & Sons

Toulouse Pork Sausage with Oven Baked Brie, Caramelised Onions and Fresh Rockets Nicely fitted in a Toasted Baguette

Golden King BBQ: Roast Duck

Succulent roast duck Shiny crispy skin Juicy dark fatty flesh With the hint of five spice

2 Fat Indians: Butter Chicken (to die for!)

From Left to Right: Aloo Gobi Chunky potatoes Soft cauliflower florets Coated with curry made with great blend of spices Butter Chicken Tender flavourful chicken