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Shrimp Feta Tomato Pasta

Too much indulgent of fatty food during this season of celebrations? There is not better time to kick start clean eating habit and indulge

Merry Christmas 2013

Good morning folks! How was your Christmas Eve celebration? I hope you had a good time last night and waking up to another joyous

Roti Jala and Malaysian Curry Chicken

Sometimes when I miss home, immediately my thoughts would linger towards food. Then I would start to miss all kind of food that is

Happy Chinese Winter Solstice Festival

Hi everyone, I would like to start of by wishing you Happy Winter Solstice Festival! Winter Solstice festival is also known as “Dong Zhi”

Braai Spice Dry Rub Grilled Wings

Remember in one of my old post, I had this bottle of amazing bottle of Cape Herb & Spice Braai BBQ Shaker? Recently I was

Japanese Tofu Steak

Summer cooking should be simple. The lesser time one spend in the kitchen, the better! Even though I made this a while ago, I

Easy Peasy Sugared Sweet Palmiers

I recently discovered a new love – Palmiers or Elephant Ears! Sorry but where I grew up from, I never really learn or constantly