Japanese Tofu Steak

Summer cooking should be simple. The lesser time one spend in the kitchen, the better! Even though I made this a while ago, I decided I should post this easy fast delicious recipe so that I will get around to making it again. It was so delicious – my other half who doesn’t fancy tofu […]

Things I Fav – November

 (From Top Left Clockwise) Read about SweetLips Fish & Chips voted as Australia best F&C on the news. So coincidentally I got some dockets stash from shopping and decided to give this place (Leederville outlet) a go! Frankly, not the best F&C in my humble opinion, but it does looks like this place is run […]

Easy Peasy Sugared Sweet Palmiers

I recently discovered a new love – Palmiers or Elephant Ears! Sorry but where I grew up from, I never really learn or constantly had fancy bakery goodies and I mostly eat just plain white bread and butter. Ever since moving to Australia I have lots more opportunities to learn about different type of pastries […]

Chicken Mee Suah Soup

It is hard to start writing down how much I miss home especially during the day when it was my birthday. Well, last month that is… sorry this post was a bit back-dated as I was busy with other things and a newer post came up to catch up on the Asian Food Fest Thai […]

Prawn and Chicken Thai Tom Yum Guung

Wake up your taste buds to a bowl of Thai hot and sour clear soup. One of the many favourite recipes that I keep coming back is Tom Yum Soup. I have made and blog about about the recipe before (read it here). Ever since I have cooked it so many times, I have refined the […]

Baked Chicken with Peanut Sauce and Sweet Potatoes

I have been researching for clean eating recipes and came across What a wonderful website and I was instantly captured by this Chicken with Peanut Sauce and Sweet Potatoes recipe and was really keen to try it out. I happened to have a jar of Kraft Chunky Peanut Butter and half of a sweet potato […]

Indian Chicken Kerala Curry

One thing about living in this highly expensive city and far away from home, is paying for expensive comfy food meal. It is even more ridiculous to find that spicy cuisine I love such as Indian and Thai food to be on the very expensive end of the scale  and coming from where I was […]