Top 15 Microwave/Microwavable Lunch Ideas

Hi everyone, In this post I am going to post up some of my past recipes which I thought are pretty decent if you wish to cook it a night before and pack it for next day work lunch as it is microwavable and it still taste as good. I personally hate soggy sandwich lunches […]

Simple Thai Fish Cake (Tod Mun Pla)

This was truly a long overdue post which I have been meaning to post it. Since it’s the month of Thailand Food Fest by Asian Food Fest (AFF) blogger event, this is a good opportunity to post and submit this for the virtual event blogger. Isn’t it lovely to have event like this – I have […]

Things I Fav – October

 (From Top Left Clockwise) Saigon Express (Subiaco Station Street Market Pork and Spring Roll Vermicelli. This has become my staple food every time I visit the market. #markets Tofu Steak. Mmm…! Bummer is when you realized you had a recipe for Tofu and forgot to submit it on time #bummer Bouquet of Blooms. Came home late […]

Pad Thai

In conjunction with this month (November) Thailand Food Fest by Asian Food Fest (AFF), I decided to cook Pad Thai, a delicious and common stir fry rice noodles dish with prawns/chicken served with generous bouts of beansprouts and peanuts. I have been wanting to cook this for a long time, and since the summer weather […]

Healthy Avocado Beef Burger

Oh it is super hot these days; with 37.2 C degrees recorded yesterday afternoon… almost unbelievable! Summer has hit us real hard this time. Spring was too wintry and suddenly the rise of temperature just makes me lazy to ‘open’ my kitchen ‘for business’. The world is going through weird climate weather. Winter was awfully […]

Introducing Asian Food Fest

Asian Food Fest is a virtual community founded by WendyinKK that hosts virtual events for bloggers who love to cook and show off their culinary skills through theme-based cooking event. Bloggers can submit their recipes to the host of the virtual event through email, FB post and posting on their own blog. I recently found […]

Sweet and Sour Pork MeatBalls

Chinese home cooking doesn’t have to look boring, agree? I love the vibrant of this dish when it is served on a stark white plate. It is almost traffic light colors, in my humble opinion This dish is super common in my household, as it is delicious and lunch box friendly. I love my sweet […]