Thai Basil Squid

As  I have mentioned in my previous post, I have harvested my entire basil plant. In the week when I made Basil Chicken, I also made another dish which is of Thai cuisine and uses Basil. It is none other than Thai Basil Squid! I have read about it on Rasa Malaysia website and have […]

Thai Basil Chicken

My basil plant was growing so rapidly during summer and was encouraging me to think of recipes that involves basil. Thai basil stir fry chicken is normally fried with minced chicken but I am not a real big fan of minced (nything minced, really) stuff so I thought I replace it with sliced chicken thighs. I […]

Edo Japanese Take-Away

Then there are days when I am lazy to cook… And crave for warm saucy food and crunchy stuffs Edo is the place I go! Katsu Chicken Curry in Donburi.

Ikea Breakfast

Hot Breakfast at only $3.95! Soft scrambled egg, hotdog, bacon and my option of hashbrown instead of baked beans and tomato. Refillable cappucino at $1.95. Not the most wonderful breakfast but big enough to keep you going all day!

Kung Pao/Kung Po Pork

Finally I get some time to sit down and write up on this stir fry dish which I attempted many many times before with chicken. Too bad I have never taken picture of my Kung Po chicken so when I made the pork version, I made sure I did. Kung Po aka Kung Pao is a spicy-sweet […]

Tom Yum Guung (Thai Tom Yum Soup)

Tom Yum Guung. A Thai classic, this head-clearing broth is very easily made. Pretty much this is a quick turnaround meal that sure please everyone. I had a bottle of store bought Tom Yum paste – I know I am not quite a master of cooking yet so I did not attempt to make everything from scratch. (Sorry for taking […]

Nyonya Kopitiam Langford: Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa & Lor Bak

Lor Bak Juicy minced meat Wrapped in crispy fried bean curd skin Palatable chilli sauce Refreshing cucumber slices Nasi Lemak Fragrant coconut milk rice Turmeric fried chicken and fish slices Fiery chilli sambal Crunchy fried anchovies & roasted peanuts Topped with sunny side up Curry Laksa Prawns, taufu-pok, fish cakes, shredded chicken, half boil egg […]