Bamboo Authentic Singaporean: Singapore Laksa

A perspiration-inducing meal Noodles in a steaming coconut-curry broth Tao pok, chicken slices, fish cakes, fresh prawns, Topped with fragrant laksa leaves

Easy Tangy Lemon Cake

When I first saw this recipe, I was like… 5 steps to make a cake? Oh I’m so going to do that! I promised myself to start learning baking (be it cake, biscuits or bread) so I’m been keeping track and bookmarking easy recipe so that I can get the basic right i.e. understand my oven […]

To To: A Beefy Viet Affair

First photo: Raw & Cooked Beef Pho Thinly sliced fresh beef tenders Swimming in big bowl of Intensely flavored beef broth Served with crunchy mint leaves & bean sprouts Second photo: Stewed Beef with Egg Noodles Springy egg noodles Paired with slow cooked beef stew Soft white radish and carrot All in a big bowl […]

Golden BBQ Seafood : Crispy Vinegar Chicken & Claypot Mix Vege w Tofu

First photo:Crispy Vinegar Chicken Succulent crispy fried chicken Taste bud tickling Salted sourish vinegar sauce Good to eat on its own or with rice Second photo: Mix Vege with Vermicelli and Tofu Claypot Hot lightly fried beancurd Drown in a claypot of Superior seafood infused brown sauce Choysum, baby corns, mushrooms & vermicelli

Spencer Village: Ya Kwang’s Mee Pok

Springy flat egg noodles Coated with Chilli-infused minced pork Crunchy bean sprouts & tasty fish cakes With a side of bouncy fish ball soup Minced pork noodle or more known as ‘Mee Pok’, originally from Singapore – now available in Perth.

Zensaki: Tori Kara Age Udon

Crunchy bite sized chicken Springy udon noodles Swimming in hot garlic broth Every mouthful is satisfying

Moroccan Pumpkin Cous Cous with Chicken Tikka Masala

Recently, I was introduced to cous cous by my work colleague. When I initially saw cous cous, it looks to me like fish eggs but it definitely doesn’t taste like one. My colleague let me try the Ansley brand of ready made cous cous and it is absolutely delish. He told me it’s quite plain […]