Chicken Parmigiana with Spaghi

This is one of those recipes that gives you the best of both world – protein (crispy chicken) and carbs (spaghetti aglia olio). It’s good to take a break from the usual meatball, bolognese or cream pasta. Ingredients: Crumbed Chicken 2 breast meat fillet (marinate the deboned chicken pieces with 1 tspn of salt) 3 […]

Chicken Stew with 40 cloves of Garlic, Shallots and Rosemary

In the last month when the weather took deep dive in between of hot surges, it was rather chilly at night so I thought I’d made something that will soothe and keep the stomach warm. I wanted to make roast chicken but it’s missing that soupy side of it. So I researched and little and […]

Cashew Chicken

One of the easiest stir-fry and absolutely adored by my other half. I am amazed by the many ready-made sauces on the supermarket shelves these days and cashew chicken has became one of them. So much for convenience! The key ingredient to this is the savoury sauce which is essentially sauce from an “Asian” household pantry. It […]

Plain Nasi Beriani/Biryani

Knowing how to cook Plain Nasi Beriani/Biryani is quite a big achievement for me, I must say. Though I know it’s not exactly the same without layering the meat in between (Indian Bombay style) this version is quite close to the Malay style that I adore. The meat curry and vegetables are usually served on the […]

Yakitori Chicken with Scallion

Yakitori or Japanese skewered chicken is absolute simple to make and can be served as appetizer, side dish or even main by itself. The 2 fresh ingredients are Chicken and Scallion and that’s it! How easy is that…. To make this, the chicken meat must be fresh (buy and cook on the same day) as you don’t […]

Sayur Masak Lemak/Lodeh (Malay style Vegetables in Coconut Sauce)

A simple vegetable dish that can go well with any Asian spicy dishes. I remember I love eating this with Malay style wrapped rice (Ketupat) when I was young as it is served in a dish called “Lontong”. Sayur Masak Lemak or Sayur Lodeh is the soup base for “Lontong”. There was a Malay stall near […]

Chinese Dumplings/Gyoza (Jiao-Zi) with Wan-Tan Noodles

Gyoza! Who doesn’t love these cute little thing? It is amazingly easy to make and life is much easier with ready-made gyoza wrapper that can be bought from Asian supermarket over here. The fillings of the Gyoza is the key ingredient and I think there’s no right or wrong to it, as it varies between […]