Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

If you have been following me on my Facebook page, I wrote about preparing for an Indian dish to submit on Asian Food Fest virtual blog event last weekend. The dish that I have prepared is none other than Chicken Biryani! I love biryani since I was very young and still loving it till today. […]

Malaysian Vegetable Curry + GIVEAWAY

One of my favourite vegetarian dish got to be this Malaysian Vegetable Curry made from various vegetables and fried Tau Foo Pok cooked with curry spices and coconut milk. It is simple dish yet and goes really well when eaten with plain white rice or stir fry rice vermicelli (mee hoon). Whenever I attempt to […]

Morroccan Lamb Stew

With the cold weather slowly easing in, there is no better time for a warm stew with red meat i.e. lamb. I made this Moroccan Lamb Stew last night on the stove using a casserole dish with slow braising technique over stove top as I don’t have a tagine. I bought some Moroccan spice recently […]

Tuna, Sweet Potato and Corn Frittatas

Mmm, I always love the smell and look of fluffy frittata whenever I patron cafes in the city. Recently I stumbled on this recipe on and I knew I had to try it. With the increasing number of canned tuna in my pantry (all fault goes to my other half – he loves buying […]

Easy Tandoori Chicken with Pickled Pineapple Cucumber (Acar)

Sorry for missing out on blogging for quite some time. I feel terrible that I only wrote 3 posts this month. I have been busy with personal stuffs recently hence I couldn’t find time even to switch on my personal computer! Anyway today I’d like to share with you one of my quick cheat but […]

Beef Rendang with Nasi Hujan Panas

In conjunction with this month’s Asian Food Fest virtual event, I decided to whip up Beef Rendang with Nasi Hujan Panas. Rendang is a spicy curry-like dish originally from Minangkabau ethnic in Indonesia. It is normally cooked with red meat i.e. Beef or Lamb but white meat like Chicken is possible too. However because the […]

Japanese Omelette Rice (Omurice)

This is a great healthy and delicious recipe suitable for all age. Who doesn’t love Egg + Rice? Tomato based rice wrapped in soft fluffy egg then glazed with tomato ketchup sauce. I have been tasked to develop more recipes suitable for younger kids. I think kids would love the cutting open the omelette ‘pillow’ […]