Pork Vindaloo

You guessed it right! I have been reading my new favourite recipe book for the thousandth times. I am just so in love and can’t wait to cook everything in it! I actually tried 3 recipes so far and they have quite successful – though I still have to gauge on the spiciness level. Most […]

Chicken and Mushroom Tagliatelle

After watching many episodes of MKR kitchen, I was really inspired to create something beautiful to the camera eye, simple cooking but yet deliciously satisfying. Mood has got me to create this easy Chicken and Mushroom Tagliatelle; though I wished I know how to make pasta from scratch. *Hint: I need a pasta machine for […]

Punjabi Cabbage

Mm, did I tell you I recently bought this book called The Food of India: A Journey of Food Lovers? I actually took a picture and status updated my Facebook when I received it on the day itself. I was so thrilled and me being overly excited I decided to cook some dishes from the […]

Thai Red Curry with Prawns, Chicken and Snow Peas

Thai Red Curry on my taste buds reminds me of Tom Yum concoction with creamy Curry. It is sourish, fragrant and appetizing. The best protein to go with, in my humble opinion is Seafood. Thus this time I made it with Prawns/Shrimps, compared to the previous attempt using only Chicken.  I wanted to go all Seafood […]


There are very few fine dining restaurant in Perth that is memorable and Azure is definitely one of them. We decided to revisit this place after a long time to try them out. We were not disappointed at all and very happy that the food was still very good, ambiance was perfect and staffs were […]

Bacon, Ham and Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

As you know I am an avid Pinterest user. Recently I stumbled across this visually satisfying picture of white creamy Fettuccine Pasta with Golden colored Bacon and Ham. Immediately my jaw dropped (and saliva drooping *eeks*!). I clicked on the picture link and it brought me to this amazing website by Alida Ryder called Simply Delicious. […]

Sizzling Japanese Tofu

Sizzling Japanese Tofu is one of my favourite dish ever since young. Each time when I dined out with them and when it was my turn to order, I will always order the same dish. I just love Tofu, especially Japanese Tofu, cooked in the sizzling style. The runny eggs, the delicious sauce and the […]