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I am more than delighted to be contacted about various collaboration opportunities i.e. product/service reviews, restaurant reviews, online advertising, event launches, giveaways. To get in touch, please email psilovetocook[at]gmail[dot]com or fill up the form on Contact page.

  • Sponsored Posts – I accept sponsorship to review and blog about products, services and restaurant reviews related to psilovetocook readers and website contents. Please note that for sponsors the blog post will contain my opinion and sponsors cannot change or influence the writings in the blog post, except for factual mistakes. My blog posts on reviews (not all of them are sponsored) are linked as below:
  • Ads Banner – Custom side bar ad banner in sizes of 300 x 250 or 125 x 125 text or display ads available. Please contact me for more details.
  • Giveaways – My blog readers would love to be able to participate in giveaways and competitions. See my previous Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Cookbook giveaway  and contact me for more details.
  • Event Launches – I would love to participate and support local Perth launch events.
  • Guest Posts – As I am full time employed and blogging has become a big part of my life, I am currently accepting guest posts to be featured on my blog and this would be a fantastic way of connecting to other fellow recipes and food bloggers out there. I have written a guideline on Guest Post page. Feel free to contact me by emailing psilovetocook[at]gmail[dot]com or via the contact form on Contact page.

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