Asian Dining Archive

Newton Circle: Seafood Crispy Noodle & Beef Hor Fun

This is where I go for comfort food. One of the best spot for Cantonese stir fry hor-fun or yee-mee. Just the right amount

Eatin’ House (Victoria Park) – Lunch Specials

Crispy pork chops & ribs Bathed in tangy Peking sauce Fragrant fried rice with lots of ingredients on the side Humongous portion for just

Spencer Village: Nasi Lemak from Straits Cuisine

Turmeric coated crispy fried Chicken and Fish Devilish Sambal and Egg sunny side-up Crunchy Peanuts and Anchovies Fragrant Coconut rice

Malaysian Dining Delights

Succulent prawns and sotong, ‘wok-hei’ kuey teow noodles, Loaded with crunchy beansprouts and egg traces, Char Kuey Teow topped with bonito flakes – what

Golden King BBQ: Roast Duck

Succulent roast duck Shiny crispy skin Juicy dark fatty flesh With the hint of five spice

Spencer Village: Ya Kwang’s Mee Pok

Springy flat egg noodles Coated with Chilli-infused minced pork Crunchy bean sprouts & tasty fish cakes With a side of bouncy fish ball soup